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There are many benefits of purchasing new seed:

Purchasing new seed is a convenient way to ensure getting a product that is highest quality and highest yielding vs. bin run.  Our seed meets strict quality standards, and you can rest assured that every bag is professionally handled and rigorously tested.  Buying new seed dramatically reduces splits and foreign matter and ensures varietal purity because we use germination tests to ensure piece of mind.  New seed is also weed free.  The economics of buying new seed vs. bin run beans is a no-brainer.  The average loss associated with clean-out is 10-15% for bin run soybeans, and bin run planting rates are generally 15% higher than new certified seed.

There are some limited warranty benefits associated with buying new seed.  With new seed, you get dealer agronomic support before and after the sale.  With the purchase of a Roundup® brand herbicide, you can participate in the Roundup Rewards® program, which has paid out over $500 Million to growers since 1997.  Buying new seed supports new innovations.  Monsanto's research and development spend in 2005 was $588 Million.  New trait introductions take 7-9 years for commercialization and cost $50-100 Million.  Be smart.  Buy New Seed.

Seeds containing the Roundup Ready® trait are protected under numerous United States patents, including Patent No. 5,352,605.  Replanting saved seed of Roundup Ready® soybeans or transferring such patent-protected seed to others for planting is unauthorized and constitutes patent infringement.

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